“Indo-European Interfaces” – the book is launched

Jenny Larsson, professor in Baltic languages with main interest in the history of languages is one of the co-editors of the first book in series “Stockholm Studies in Indo-European Language and Culture”, fresh out of the press.

The book addresses the recent advancements in multiple research disciplines that intersect with historical linguistics. Notably, breakthroughs in molecular biology and ancient DNA (aDNA) have enabled new scientific methods to map prehistoric relationships and migration patterns. These advancements have also spurred developments in prehistoric archaeology, religious history, and the study of the history and spread of Indo-European languages. The book aims to unite various academic perspectives on the Indo-European language family and its speakers, providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary view that is currently lacking in existing publication channels. This makes it an essential resource for scholars and students interested in a multifaceted understanding of the Indo-European language family.

“Indo-Europan Interfaces” is part of the interdisciplinary research project LAMP – Languages and Myths of Prehistory, supported by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. The project brings together scholars from various disciplines to explore the Indo-European language family through multiple lenses, including mythology, linguistics, and archaeology. This interdisciplinary approach encourages collaboration beyond traditional academic boundaries, promoting a richer understanding of prehistory. This initiative has led to the creation of this new interdisciplinary series at SUP, Stockholm Studies in Indo-European Language and Culture, where Indo-European Interfaces is the first volume, exemplifying the project’s goals of fostering cross-disciplinary research and collaboration

This book was written for scholars who are researching various aspects of the Indo-European languages. It should appeal to those exploring this field from diverse perspectives, including linguistics, archaeology, ancient DNA studies, and comparative mythology.

The “Indo-European Interfaces” is available as epub, PDF file for downloading under Open Access and it can be bought as paperback from the Stockholm University Press.